The thought provoking artwork of L.E. Hardley
The thought provoking artwork of L.E. Hardley

In creating my artwork I take inspiration from common phrases, famous quotes, images or poems. I then create a unique visual image in an attempt to embody their deepest meaning.


Each piece is a drawing. I do not use any artificial enhancements what so ever. Nothing but a #2 or HB level drawing pencil for large shaded areas. I use what looks like aged paper because I want each piece to be timeless. You should not know if the piece was created today or a thousand years ago. For this reason you will see very little use of technology or any object that will reference a specific period of time.


I want each piece to be thought provoking, while evoking a strong emotional reaction from the viewer. My goal is not to make the viewer uncomfortable, but for them to see something that they may have never seen before or something they thought they knew all to well, but to see it for the first time in a totally different way.


-Les E. Hardley

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