The thought provoking artwork of L.E. Hardley
The thought provoking artwork of L.E. Hardley


(Winged human forms embracing each other)

Inspired by Luciano De Crenscenzos quote. "We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embacing each other".



(Uterus forming The tree of life)

Represents the 3 ways human believe life was created on earth and a obvious play off of the holy trinity.

1 Biblical: Adam and Eve under the tree of knowledge with an apple

2. Biological: Uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries form tree of life

3. Comet: Many scientists believe earth was seeded with water and other elements found in comets and meteorites


Many hidden images in the piece. The base of the tree is a penis complete with dorsal vein. What looks like vines around the base of the tree are actually DNA strands. Also, if you look closely at the leaves and thin branches that surround the uterus, they actually represent the motion of sperm. The rabbits represent fertility. This is of course why they are used during the Easter celebration. Th nuclear explosion represents the antithesis of the piece and the possible destruction of life on earth and ironically the 1st nuclear explosion was named “Trinity”



(Drama masks atop snowflakes)

Defining the human experience and a obvious play on "existentialism". The quote summerizes my believe that we are NOT our bodies , no more than water is a snowflake, just a temporary state of existence. You may remember from grade school, "The 3 states of water". I'm sure our essence has multiple states of existence as well. Also there are 6 masks because on the 6th day....



"Scream of Time"

(Humans trapped in a hour glass)

Inspired by Edvard Munch's "Scream of Nature", depicting how time is perceived  by a child versus an aging adult. In an hour glass sand represents time. The child plays with it while the aging adult realizes that every grain that’s passes through brings them closer to death. There are a lot of hidden images in the piece as well. Telomeres/DNA strand that looks like hair hanging in front of her ear.  That is not the  #8 on the bucket, it is acutally the symbol for infinity inverted, Windsor castle and a few others.



(Human brain & lungs forming tree & roots)

Inspired by the "GAIA theory", that earth is a living organism.. and perhaps even sentient. Hidden messages in the piece: Man and woman walking away, symbolizing our disregard for nature as the birds above fly towards it. A child on a seesaw, but if you look closely you will see there is no other child on the seesaw but the earth and moon on the ground, again symbolizing the imbalance between mankind and nature.



"Self Made Man"

(Man carving self from a block of stone)

The only piece that is not an original concept. Self Made man is my version of a sculpure I saw a few years ago by Ms. Bobbie Carlyle. 

"Tree of knowledge"

(Child sitting under a tree that forms the human brain)

This piece was inspired by my daughter, Raven's love of reading. As the child under the tree reads the book, her knowledge feeds the tree, making it grow and giving it life. Also if you look closely you will see the book she's reading is "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe.

"Brain Cell"

(Man in a cell created from bars coming from his head)

A prisoner of his own mind and just like real ilfe many people cannot see the bars coming from their own head. Mental bars that are as real and binding as steel.

"The Singularity"

(Hand of man reaching out to robotic hand)

An obvious play on the iconic image of Michelangelo's God giving life to Adam from his painting atop the Sistine Chapel. After reading the book  "The Singularity is Near" i was inspired to create a piece that shows man giving life to machines thus creating artificial intelligence/life.


(Man sitting atop stone pillar)

A somewhat negative view of the loneliness of life and the lives of those around us.

"Strange Fruit"

(Tree with objects hanging from the branches)

Inspired by the song Strange Fruit sung by Billie Holiday and written by a Jewish school teacher named Abel Mereepole in 1939. I only mention his religion to show the synergies that existed even during this dark period in American history to create the song. Like the song the piece depicts the lynching of African Americans. Some objects are Strange Fruit but look closely and you will see some are actual people.

"The Creator"

(Earth and Moon silouetted by female form)

Originally inspired by Oprah Winfrey. While not having children I always thought she viewed the children of the world as her own. But all woman can take credit for this piece because I am amazed by thier ability to create life. Another inspiration is my view of God. While I doubt a God would need genitals, I would assume being female would be useful when creating life from nothing.


(Woman blooming out of a rose)

Inspired by the physical beauty of women. I also combined the pollination of plants with the human reproductive process. If you look closely you will see she is blowing small embryos into the wind, much the way plants procreate via pollination.

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